A service for every season since 2001

Since 2001, Sam’s Lawn Tree & Landscaping has been providing a service for every season for residents of Spokane, northern Idaho, and surrounding areas. We manage your project carefully from start to finish, with attention to detail, and a focus on what’s best for your property and the surrounding environment. With our experienced crew and the group of skilled artisans that fulfill special design requests, we’re uniquely positioned to make your space come alive with artistry and natural beauty.

Your footprint is on every stone, your vision is in every contour. Working together, we’ll ensure that your vision becomes a reality.

Sam Maple

As a Certified Arborist (PN-6773A), owner Sam Maple has always had a passion for working with trees. He oversees the Tree Service Department, providing estimates, consulting and managing the company’s day-to-day operations. Don’t be surprised to see Sam personally working with the crew when needed.

Enoch Maple

Landscape Department manager Enoch Maple has been with Sam’s since 2004 and now oversees Customer Relations, Landscape Consultations, Landscape Design, Sales, Jobs, and schedule. His enthusiasm for landscaping is infectious, and he brings dedication and focus to each job.

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