Sprinkler spraying water on a lwan
large sprinklers watering a field of grass
sprinkler system watering grass and flowers
curbside sprinkler spraying water on grass
array of lawn sprinklers in Spokane
lawn sprinkler in Spokane, wa yard

Sprinkler Systems

Proper hydration is vital to maintaining your beautiful landscaping. The team at Sam’s will review your property layout, including mounds and undulations, to help you prepare a practical and efficient water flow and drainage system.

In the Northwest, summers can get hot, causing plants to die, and grass to brown. You will never have to worry about this with the proper sprinkler system installed.

Keep your grass green, and your plant life healthy with a properly established irrigation system designed by expert landscapers. We will make sure your yard, trees, and flowers get the proper amount of water, while avoiding over watering. Automatic sprinkler systems ensure this happens even when you are away.

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